Comfort Zone Needles are made of a flexible, space-age polymer that resists breakage. The narrow points slide easily through any yarn, and they come in sets of six in case you lose one. Best of all, they don’t slide out of the stitches.

Comfort Zone Needles

Comfort Zone double pointed needles flex with your hands and don’t fight back. They are gorgeous in bright, electric colors. Match yours with your yarn, or go for contrast.

Available in a full range of sizes. Beginning with US #0, #1, and #2, and running to size US #10 ½.

US size #0, #1, and #2 are available in red, yellow, orange, light blue, dark blue, sea mist green, purple and silver.

US sizes #3 through #10 ½ are available in hot pink, lime, yellow, orange, light blue, dark blue, purple, and white.

We continue to get rave reviews on Comfort Zone Needles. Comfort Zone users tell us these are the best needles they have ever used. They like the weight and the way they feel in their hands, and they like the narrow points. Truly a case of “try them, you’ll like them.”

Customer reviews:

“My initial impressions: LOVE the points … pointed without being sharp (or uncomfortable to touch) and the CZ dpns produced consistent tension and minimal “laddering”. ME,Waterford, PA
“I love them! They’re so comfortable to knit with.” WM, Grand Prairie, TX
“I like the idea of a different color for each size.” BB, McKinney, TX
“They are so pretty, and they don’t fall out of the stitches!” NB, Fort Worth, TX
“I like them so much I want to order more for gifts.” RG, Geneva, IL
“I want a set in every color! I love them.” JB, Los Angeles, CA
“I love my CZ’s! I can see myself knitting with nothing but Comfort Zone Needles in the future.” RW, Huntsville, AL

Read The Confort Zone Blog and join in the knitting discussion. What are you knitting? How big is your stash? What patterns are your favorites? Please share your knitting thoughts with us.

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